Save 10-20% of your annual expenses through transaction-level visibility with Bunker

The Automated Financial Analyst You Need

Bunker analyses thousands of rows in the General Ledger for faster, sharper and smarter results.

Detailed Drilldowns

Financial Visibility

Gain timely access to critical financial data in a monthly report. Identify potential risks, leverage cost-cutting opportunities and make confident decisions with ease.

Actionable Insights

Expense Control

Maximise savings through Bunker’s intelligent expense control system. Discover hidden leakages, anomalies and trends with our deep dive analysis.

Vendor Dashboards

Accounting Hygiene

Safeguard your financial integrity with a platform that ensures meticulous accuracy. Identify areas for investigation, make swift corrections and elevate your team’s level of accounting rigour.

Data-driven Decisions in Days

Spend less time on manual processes and more time executing on precise insights for swifter FP&A cycles.

Built To Be Plug & Play

Bunker requires neither training nor complex implementation. Insights are delivered via an intuitive dashboard and monthly report. This isn’t an accounting software or a BI tool. It’s just numbers, the way they should be. 

Performance at a
Fraction of the cost

Consulting the Big 4 is expensive.
Traditional BI tools are not up to speed. Building a team of engineers, analysts and developers is resource intensive.

Bunker delivers the same results, with ease.

Ready to deep dive?

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Shivom Sinha

Founder and CEO

Chris Lin

Strategic Advisor

Jibrilia Alamsjah

Co-founder & Strategic Advisor

Adam Mohktee

Strategic Advisor

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