Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of the User’s information in connection with the User’s use of Bunker and any of the Services.

By using Bunker, the User trusts Bunker with the information, data and/or documents (whether oral, written, visual, electronic or in any other form) made available by the User to us in connection with the utilization of Bunker in order to, among others, registering an Account and Users, uploading, creating, storing, sharing and moving documents or files, filling forms or columns, providing and editing information and data, monitoring and accessing profile, documentation and information that the User uploaded (“Information”) in Bunker.

Capitalized terms and expressions used in this page will have the meaning given to them in the Terms.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By using Bunker, any of its Services and/or Contents, the User represents, warrants and acknowledges that the User has read and fully understand the contents and consequences of this Privacy policy, and the User irrevocably agrees of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, and the User consents to the information practices described herein, including but not limited to the procurement and collection of information, the information processing and analyzing, the storing, displaying, announcing, delivering, disseminating and/ or access granting and exterminating of any Information pursuant to this Privacy Policy, the Terms and any applicable Laws and Regulations.

If User does not agree to any of the provision herein or do not want to be bound by this Privacy Policy, the User may not access or otherwise use Bunker or any of the Content and/or Services. The User understands, agrees and acknowledges that this Privacy Policy constitutes a legally binding agreement between User and Bunker, and that the User’s use of Bunker or any of the Content and/or Services shall indicate the User’s conclusive acceptance of this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy applies to all Users of Bunker anywhere in the world.

Procuration and Collection of Information

Bunker may collect information to provide better services to all Bunker Users. The Information may be procured and collected when the User opens, accesses and/or utilizes Bunker and its Services, and including but not limited to modifying or logging in to the User’s Bunker account, using the features or tools of Bunker, submitting or uploading any documents to Bunker or its Services, subscribing to Bunker newsletter and/or notifications, sending feedback to Bunker, signing up for special offers from third parties through Bunker and any of its Services, contacting Bunker (including for customer support) and completing surveys sent to the User by Bunker or on behalf of Bunker.

By providing the Information to Bunker in any form when using or in connection with the use of Bunker or its Services, the User confirms and verifies the accuracy and the conformity of the Information provided for the purposes of the procurement and collection of the Information stated herein. 

The information procured and collected by Bunker includes:



Personal and Non-Personal Information. This Information includes, among others, the User’s name, address, email address, telephone number, information as stated on the documents the User submits and/or uploads and any other information that is not publicly available, payment details such as, among others, the User’s payment method, bank account number, credit card number, type, expiration date, security code or any other relevant information. Bunker may provide such payment details to third parties for purposes of payment related facilitation of the Services. The User will be granted the access to edit, update, revise or delete the User’s personal information provided by the User with respect to the User’s Account.



Bunker also gathers non-personally identifiable information about the User when the User opens, accesses, and/ or utilizes Bunker, makes payment, subscribes to Bunker newsletter and/or notifications, sends feedback to us, signs up for special offers from third parties (through Bunker) and uses any of the Services.



Log Information. When Bunker uses any of the Services, Bunker automatically collects and stores details such as the User’s internet protocol or IP address, the User’s browser type, the operating system the User is using, part of the site accessed by the User, any content viewed or downloaded from Bunker, the reference page, the User’s visitation time and information about the User’s activities (such as the links the User clicks on and pages the User views) within such Services.



Non-Confidential Information. Subject to the Laws and Regulations, any feedback the User provides to us related to Bunker and the Services shall be deemed to be non-confidential information. Bunker shall be free to use such information on an unrestricted basis.

Use of Information and Information Processing

Bunker will use and process the Information Bunker collects for purposes, including:

Bunker will use and process the Information Bunker collects for the purposes of, including:



Providing, Developing and Improving the Services. Bunker uses the Information to provide, develop and improve the Services to the User. 


Bunker may also use the Information to, among others, contact the User, complete administrative tasks, troubleshoot issues, resolve disputes and carry out Bunker’s agreements with the User, including the Terms and this Privacy Policy, and to comply with any applicable Laws and Regulations as well as to cooperate with any activities related to law enforcement.


Bunker may use the User’s non-personally identifiable information such as cookies and device identifier to enhance the User’s experience when using Bunker and/or Services, provide statistical information about their usage, administer the Services, troubleshoot issues, analyze trends, collect general demographic data, and to comply with any applicable Laws and Regulations.


Bunker may use cookies to remember the User’s preferences when interacting with Bunker. 


Bunker may also allow other companies displaying their advertisements on Bunker to set and access their cookies on the User’s device. 


This Privacy Policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals, or other sites linked from Bunker – their cookies and device identifiers are subject to their own privacy policies.


Customer Support. Bunker uses the Information to assist the User when the User contacts Bunker’s customer support services, including to: (i) investigate, address and provide solutions to any issues the User may encounter when interacting with Bunker and/or using the Services and (ii) monitor and improve Bunker’s customer support service.


Promotional Purposes. Bunker may use the User’s non-personally identifiable information to improve marketing and promotional efforts of the Platform and/or Services or as a representative audience for third-party advertisers.

Confidentiality and Security

Bunker endeavors to follow the best industry practice to ensure the User’s data privacy and security. Bunker shall use the Information solely for the purpose as stated in this Privacy Policy and shall limit the disclosure of the Information to those of Bunker’s Employees and Advisors who are required to know the Information for the purpose of the Services and who are  also bound by similar obligations of confidentiality as contemplated under this Privacy Policy.



Bunker will store the Information that the User provides during the utilization of the Services and for any certain period of time as may be required under the Laws and Regulations.


Bunker will not sell, announce or share the User’s Information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Bunker unless with the User’s consent or if Bunker believes that the access, use, storage or disclosure of the information is necessary to meet any applicable Laws and Regulations, legal process or enforceable governmental request or requirement, to enforce the applicable Terms, including investigation of potential violations of the Terms or this Privacy Policy, to detect, prevent, or otherwise address illegal activities, fraud, security or technical issues, or to protect the rights of Bunker (including its officers, directors, commissioners, shareholders, predecessors, successors, Employees, subsidiaries, Affiliates and Advisors), other users, or the public as required or permitted by Laws and Regulations.


For the avoidance of doubt, Bunker undertakes that it shall not authorize or permit its shareholders who conduct the same business activities as the User to have access to the User’s Information. Bunker shall implement robust measures and safeguards to prevent any unauthorized access to or disclosure of the User’s Information.


Bunker will use the Information with the same degree of care, but in any event no less than a reasonable degree of care, as used in Bunker’s own comparable affairs to maintain the confidentiality of all Information. 


The obligation to keep the Information confidential shall not or no longer applies to Information which:


  • is publicly known at the time of disclosure, or which becomes publicly known thereafter in ways other than by acts or omissions of Bunker;
  • is already known to Bunker prior to the disclosure;
  • is properly obtained by Bunker from a third party without any accompanying obligation to keep it confidential;
  • has been or is being developed by Bunker independently of any Information disclosed by the User;
  • its disclosure has been authorized by the User; and
  • is required by Laws and Regulations to be disclosed or to the extent required to be disclosed by, an order of a court, or of any other competent Government Authorities, in any country with jurisdiction.



The User understands that certain features, tools or services of Bunker may request additional information that is necessary to adequately provide the User with the Services. Bunker may request information about the User’s legal and/or financial circumstances or conditions and any other relevant information that might help the User to be able to utilize the full features and benefits of Bunker and the Services.



The User acknowledges and agrees that in essence, Bunker is operated, and the Services are provided, by using internet transmissions, and the User acknowledges and agrees that internet transmissions are never completely private or secure. The User understands that any messages or information the User sends when utilizing Bunker and/or when interacting with Bunker for the Services may be read or intercepted by others, even if there is a particular notice that a certain transmission is encrypted. If the User has particular security concerns about certain personal information, please do not transmit such information over the internet. The User agrees that Bunker will not be responsible for any breach of security relating to any messages, information or documents transmitted by the User through the internet.



In the event of any failure to protect the Information in Bunker or in relation to the utilization of the Services, Bunker will inform the User in writing which may be delivered to the User through any electronic services or directly through registered mail.


Data Ownership

Subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, no title, license, copyright, or any other rights, regardless of whether or not it is covered by intellectual and/or industrial property rights, are granted expressly or impliedly. All data relating to the User’s personal information that the User posts, submits, transmits, uploads, or otherwise makes available during the User’s utilization of Bunker and/ or the User’s interaction with Bunker for the Services shall still belong to the User.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Bunker may change, modify, supplement, or otherwise amend the Privacy Policy occasionally without prior notification to the User. By continuing to use Bunker and/or the Services after such changes, modifications, supplements and/or amendments to the Privacy Policy, the User consents to such changes, modifications supplements and/or amendments. Bunker advises the User to periodically review and check for any changes, modifications supplements and/or amendments to this Privacy Policy. When such changes, modifications supplements and/or amendments are made, Bunker will revise the “Last modified” date above and post the new Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy is made in both Bahasa Indonesia and English languages. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the two language versions, the User agrees that the Bahasa Indonesia version shall prevail to the extent of such inconsistency or conflict, and the English language version shall be deemed to be automatically amended to be consistent with the Bahasa Indonesia version.


If Users have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or Bunker practices, please refer first to the FAQ. All other questions or comments about Bunker, the Services or any of the Contents should be directed to Bunker’s customer care at support@bunkertech.id.